‘A Girl Called Ari’ A Tale of Surviving Trying Times

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‘A Girl Called Ari’ A Tale of Surviving Trying Times

A Girl Called Ari by P.J Sky, is a tale of two strong young women from different backgrounds and their unexpected journey together.  The main characters, Starla and Ari, live very different lives from each other before fate brings them together in this post-apocalyptic tale.


Starla Corinth, the daughter of the mayor of the walled city, has struggled against her luxurious upbringing her entire life. All she knows of life beyond the city walls is what she has read in history books and tales told to children to help bolster their image if living within the city walls. Starla has never had to want for anything in life and doesn’t really understand what life beyond the wall really means.


The life lived by Ari Quinn has been hard a difficult. Life outside the walls id full of hardship, struggle and woe. Ari Spends her days toiling in the hot desert sun mining for salt. Her life is nothing more than working to survive everyday of her life. Her existence is so bleak she doesn’t even want to make plans because in her world planning means accepting this bleak future.


Their worlds meet after Starla is kidnapped from her 18th birthday party and she is unable to escape until her captors take already taken her far from the safety of the city walls. Luckily for Starla she runs into Ari who is willing to help her get back to the safety of the walled city.  Through their tale you will see how people can adapt and change in the face of adversity. This book will help restore your hope that people from different backgrounds can learn about each other and work together for a greater good.

The book was just released on March 20th, 2020 through Amazon as a free digital download. For those who prefer hardcopies of your books, you can order the paperback version as well.



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