A Most Triumphant Panel

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A Most Triumphant Panel

Ok. So.

Bill S. Preston Esq. and his most excellent friend Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan have a new movie coming out. It promises to be most triumphant. Now its true that their most excellent friend Rufus (Rest in Peace Mr. Carlin) will not have a staring role which is non, non, non, non, non, non, non heinous they are joined by a most outstanding cast. In all seriousness folks at the virtual San Diego Comic Con (SDCC)  the panel for the new movie Bill and Ted: Face the Music was nothing short of  amazing. Hosted by Kevin Smith it featured not only Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves but there were Samara Weaving, Brigette Lundy-Paine, William Sadler, director Dean Parisot alongside writers  Ed Solomon and  Chris Matheson. Kevin started the panel off speaking with Ed and Chris the creative team that came up with the idea of Bill and Ted. He wanted to know the origins and “get into the DNA of Bill and Ted”. Ed was more than happy to oblige and filled us in on the origins of the duo and how they were working for an improv group and just came up with the team.



Brigette and Samara were also there and are having to fill the roles of Bill and Teds daughters. It was mentioned several times that she and Brigette were trying to come close to the mannerisms of bill and ted while cutting out their own characters and giving them traits that are distinctly theirs. Sam also made mention of the fact that Keanu “killed her uncle” in one of his other movies. The uncle being of course Hugo Weaving and the movie being The Matrix films.

The biggest thrill of the panel to me was how excited everyone seemed about this film. Each of the actors had nothing but good things to say about each other and their performances. Kevin Smith revealed that he had already seen the movie and it had brought him to tears. Not that he was sad that they had ruined it but rather it ran an entire emotional gambit. “You executed very well and made a beautiful motion picture” said Smith.

For the full panel click here.

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