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Jimmie Draper: GNN Gamer and Staff Writer

Jimmie Draper wears two different hats within Geek News Now. First, he joined up as a GNN Staff Writer penning such articles as thisthis one…and that one over there. He also games for GNN on their Twitch Affiliate channel.


1. Your geeky “center” is…..?

Jimmie: Star Wars. I know this goes for a lot of geeks, but this one runs deep for me. Been a Star Wars fan since I was very young. The force was strong with me.



2. What do you enjoy most about your time with GNN?

Jimmie: My time with GNN has been super fun. Getting back to my media roots (yay for radio broadcasting and news writing) is awesome! I do have a face for radio after all.

3. Your first geeky love/crush was…..? Who is it currently?

Jimmie: My first geek crush was Princess Leia. No surprise being a huge Star Wars fan. My current geek crush married me. My wife geeks out about the same stuff I do (except games).

4. You can watch ONE scene from a geeky movie be filmed in the past or future. You can’t interact, but just watch the magic happen. Which movie and which scene?

Jimmie: This is a tough one. There are a few scenes in many movies I would want to see be filmed. If I chose only one I would pick the manure crash in BTTF. That crap was hilarious.



5. What excites you about being part of GNN?
Jimmie: What’s exciting about GNN is that there is so much coming up, and even with COVID going on, we are so active. Just wait till cons come back, just wait…..
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