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Tabletop Gaming

So you’ve chosen your race, and you’ve chosen your alignment. Now you are ready to choose the class of character you want to play....

Tabletop Gaming

Just as there are many facets to individuals and their personalities, there too are many facets to the personalities we can work with in...

Tabletop Gaming

Outcast, scorned upon, mistrusted, and disliked by all are the infernal race of Tieflings. Beginning as a core playable race in 4th edition Dungeons...

Tabletop Gaming

In the realm of unusual, and fantastical races, we have two that I find to be most compelling. The first of which is the...

Tabletop Gaming

One of my favorite races to play in Dungeons and Dragons is that of Elves. Nimble, graceful, often charismatic characters with long lives. A...

Tabletop Gaming

Looking into the races of Dungeons and Dragons, one of the most versatile in my opinion is that of the Dwarves. The “Player’s Handbook”...

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