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GNN “FANatical 5” – December 2019 – Star Wars
GNN “FANatical 5” – January 2020 – 2020 Preview
GNN “FANatical 5” – January 2020 – Star Trek


News from Kat Holler:

Are Companies Fandom Friendly or Money Hungry? 
Indie Gaming – Welcome to a Whole New World
PAX: Your Ultimate Convention Experience
Deadwood 1876 – Take A Trip To The Wild Wild West
The Death of Padme: Medical Mystery or Sinister Plot?
Master Chief and Cortana: What’s love got to do with it?





News from David Furr:

20th Anniversary of Star Wars and Lego
Bombs Away! Movies That Failed to Explode At the Box Office
Rebels Season…Five?
Can “The Flash” Run the Distance? 
Stay Classy, Star Wars
Lego Star Wars Invades TikTok
Geek Chic Weddings
Revival of the Clones! 




News from Debi Barton:

Production for The Falcon and Winter Soldier has officially started
Justice League Stars Support “Snyder Cut”
2020 Preview for DC TV Shows
“Birds of Prey” – What We Know So Far
“Crisis” Enjoyable, But Not Perfect





News from Jimmie Draper:

My Experience with the Disney+ Launch
Top 5 Underrated Sci-Fi Movies of the Last Decade
My “Rise of Skywalker” Christmas Wish List
World of Warcraft Classic is Awesome
“The Clone Wars” Season Seven is on the Way!
Final Fantasy 7 Remake is on the Horizon, but is it Worth it? 
Jimmie’s top five Sci-Fi and Fantasy odd couples!
The Horror of the New Mutants Movie
San Diego Comic Con Kinda Annoys Me



News from Ian Byrne:

Star Wars Fallen Order Patches
Fan Film Review – Kenobi





News from Ethan Zepeda:

The Mandalorian is NOT the Greatest Thing Since the Original Trilogy…But It Could Be.
The Mandalorian is Still Going Strong, but is it Actually Going Anywhere?
The Mandalorian Season One Review
Why Daredevil Season 3 is a Masterful Exploration of Fear, Part I
Why Daredevil Season 3 is a Masterful Exploration of Fear, Part II
The Perils of Shaky Cam: How Copying Great Filmmaking Has Ruined Action Cinema




News from Autumn Barnes: 

Frozen 2 Review (Spoiler Free)
Frozen 2 Review (With Spoilers)





News from David Gremillion:

Dallas Cowboys Sign Baby Yoda to Long-Term Deal
Supergirl Actress: “I Am a Survivor of Domestic Violence”
Baby Yoda Merchandise Lands With a Thud
Three Surprises On Disney Plus
Kristen Stewart Named Actress of the DECADE
Jake Lloyd Health Update
Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Review
Sony Backs Out of PAX East Due to Coronavirus Scare




Geeky Cooking with Lady Dream!

Leeroy Jenkins Spicy Chicken
Cavalry’s Here Shepard Pie





News from Emma:

12 Geeky Gift Ideas for Valentine’s
Thoughts on the Darksaber